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by - December 03, 2019

I got this Fall Reads Book Tag from Paperbacks and Planners. Check out her post here!

There is no autumn in my country but I'm still obsessed with the autumn aesthetic, so.

In accordance with the theme, I'm only answering with books I read this fall. Let's go!

1. Crisp Fall Air – A Book That Felt Fresh and New

The summary of this book doesn't do it any justice, because you can't squeeze The Wicker King into a simple box. It's weird, dark, brave, experimental. And several times it shocked me by how far it went. We have two fucked up boys who are codependent and madly in love but can't tell. Jack sees things that aren't real and August sets things on fire to cope with the pain of living. But at least they have each other--even if that means sinking their claws into each other, pulling each other so far that they both almost drown.

Each page is a small chapter, and bits of mixed media are inserted into the book. Letters, mixtapes, detention slips, psychologist's notes. But it's not just the medium that's so creative. It's the story. The darkness. The rawness. K. Ancrum is not afraid to show the deepest, darkest parts of love and pain. There's violence, there's sex, there's mental illness, but there is also resolution.

The only other YA novel I've read that was this unflinchingly real about its darkness is Never Contented Things.

This book broke my heart and then sewed it back together again.

2. Howling Winds – An Ending That Blew You Away

This autumn, I binge read Marissa Meyer's Renegades series and fell head over heels in love. Every book had an ending that felt like a punch to the gut. If you want proof, check out my screaming on Twitter. I could fully imagine the cinematic endings... it was like watching a movie and having the last scene be the ultimate plot twist before it faded to black.

3. Leaf Fight – A Book With Non-stop Action

This wasn't exactly non-stop action, but it was incredibly fast-paced and so fun to read! I devoured it in a day. Our protagonists, Theo and Huck, were alternating between being chased and doing the chasing. They follow the antagonist across Eastern Europe, all the while solving a conspiracy and tracking down Theo's father. I leafed through it quickly! (ba dum tiss) It's also a fantastic standalone, which is so rare nowadays!

4. Comfy Sweaters – A Book That Gave You the Warm and Fuzzy’s

A Question of Holmes is, hands down, the very best series finale I have ever read. This book felt like a warm cup of tea or a favorite sweater. It wrapped up Jamie and Charlotte's storylines, relationship, and internal growth in the sweetest, most comforting way possible. I really liked how this felt like a fanfic. After all the action and plot is over, we discover how our protagonists deal with the emotional aftermath. And while the ending is open ended... I think it's perfect.

Thank you, Brittany Cavallaro. I'm so glad you ended with this book and not the previous one!

5. Bright Colors – A Cover with Either Red, Orange, or Yellow

I am obsessed with Victor Vale and Eli Ever. This is no secret.

6. Pumpkin Spice – Your Most Anticipated Read

My most anticipated read did not disappoint! The Monster of Elendhaven is deeply dark, disturbing, and violent. It's luscious and visceral. And it features two villainous monsters in love. I'm so happy this novella exists <3

What are your fall reads?

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  1. Ahh I LOVE your answers for this tag so much. I've heard great things about The Wicker King, I've been so curious about this book, I'm so happy you likedit! And ahhh, Renegades. I've only read the first book so far, but I really loved it and can't wait to know what happens next! :D

    1. I'm so glad you liked my answers! And that we both enjoyed Renegades -- high five. Honestly, there's no other YA author like K. Ancrum, so The Wicker King was such a breath of fresh air.